Fishing report


Fishing has been electric! It just doesn’t get any better than what it is. We have been starting the morning inside. Staring at 80 fow and sliding out to the point we start getting bit. Lots of meat bites mixed with a few plug bites. Starting in shallow and moving out to 120 and continuing […]

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The morning bite is has been starting quickly with a few bites coming while setting lines in the morning. The early bite is critical. I would be trying to set lines by 6:00 or earlier. Meat has been the hot ticket. A few fly bites and spoon bites mixed in there. Out of a 15 […]

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Started the weekend off with some pretty good fishing. Call to book your trip today 6162186264 Good action to start the morning with some strong king bites mixed in with a few trout bites early. Kept picking through the fish as the trip continued. Mainly was a fly bite today with 1 meat bite High […]

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Alewive strips 5/27/2023

Alewife season is coming to an end. The channel is holding less and less of them from what I can see when I go out in the morning. I am sure there is a number of spots left in and out of the channel that you can setup and catch what you need. However I […]

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Today was a contrast of fishing. Started in shallow at the pier heads and ended in 150 after a return troll from out deep Shallow was good to start. Tough to keep the fish on the line. Focused on the 35-50 fow getting bites on the 3, 5, 7 colors and 150 cu and low […]

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5/18/2023- 5/21/2023

Thursday night we had troubles keeping the fish on the line. But found fish out deep in the 190-220 depth of water. We were able to get the trip in before the big blow. Sunday morning after the Mother Nature decided to reset the water we set in 110 fow found fish right away starting […]

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Fish continue to be scattered. For us there was a decent amount of time between bites, then a couple bites within 5-10 minutes then a long delay. We trolled east west, north then south. Slight out slight in. Lol every direction you can troll I tried it today. Today was a completely different sky compared […]

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Fish are scattered. We fished from 60 fow to 220 fow picking fish throughout the troll. Hard to say what depth of water was the best. Seemed that east west trolls out 180-220 were a little better than the shallow water but we were also out there later in the trip. 7 color went 3 […]

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First trip of the season is in the books. 30-50 fow straight out of holland. Trolled north to start. The north troll was the best troll of the day. We finished the day 7-12. All standard size spoons bites for this trip. We ran spiny flies, paddle flies and Mag size spoons to keep them […]

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