Things to bring on A fishing charter

Charter fishing is a great way to enjoy the outdoors, catch some fish, and bond with friends or family. But, if you’ve never been charter fishing before, it can be a bit overwhelming. There are a lot of things to consider before setting out on your charter fishing trip – from what to bring, to which charter to choose, to what to do with your catch.

seasickness medication

Seasickness medication. Nothing will ruin a trip faster than being sea sick. If you know you get seasick we recommend you take medication. If you get motion sickness in a car we recommend you take medication. If you don’t know if you get seasick but you think you might we recommend you take medication. Follow the directions on the medication, however seasickness medications can make you drowsy so it is usually best to take it the night before if possible and the morning of. However read the direction on the medication and follow those. Some people find relief from sea sickness bands while on the trip.

don’t bring Bananas!

bring a valid Fishing license

You and everyone in your party who is 17 or older must have a valid fishing license. You are responsible for making sure your license is valid and up to date. The Michigan DNR is on the water and has checked us for licenses in the past and they will do it again. Please make sure your license is purchased prior to getting on the boat. You can purchase your license at a local store or go to the Michigan DNR website and purchase it electronically.

Bring a coolER & ICE

You will need a cooler for your drinks water, juice, beer, wine, booze anything you want to bring to drink or eat. We ask that you limit your items to being in plastic no glass if at all possible.

bring Weather dependent clothing

This is a weather dependent sport. We would love to fish in 1 foot waves or less every trip with 70 degree nice sunny skies However that probably only happens 30% of the time. Best to keep an eye on the weather and bring rain gear if needed. Also depending on the time of the year warm clothing. In early or late season it can easily be 20 degrees cooler on the lake that it is on shore. It is better to have brought it and not needed it than to not bring it and need it. The boat is large there is plenty of room for extra clothing items.


Only bring or wear clean soft soled shoes. No work boot! Fishing shoes or fishing boots are perfect so is any other type of shoe that you don’t mind potentially getting fish blood on. Please remember us Captains treat our boats like they are part of our family or an extension of our homes. If you wouldn’t walk through your house with the shoes you are wearing you shouldn’t wear them on the trip. If you wear dirty shoes you might be wearing wet shoes for the trip.

Bring Sunscreen or hats

You are literally in 100% sunshine for the entire trip depending on the weather. With that in mind you could get burned and or dehydrated very easily. We recommend that you bring sunscreen, hats, extra water, Gatorade or Pedialyte is great for hydration.

Food and Drinks to bring. It is best to bring shareable items to eat and to pre make your sandwiches if possible. You are welcome to bring any type of drink that you want Beer, Booze, Wine (no red wine as it can stain the seats), Bring pop or any other type of drink you can think of. We only ask that you limit your bottles to plastic or cans only if possible. We will do all the work on charter so you can kick back and enjoy yourselves. Might as well be prepared for the enjoyment!


No Bananas. No Banana candy, bread, yogurt, pie, cake, chips or pudding. No banana smoothies, fruit salads, muffins, pictures or anything with a banana printed on it. Pretty much don’t bring anything with bananas in it or on it!