Is the captain always right?

  • YES the captain is always right

How many fish can you catch

  • 5 total per person
  • A combination of 5 fish can be kept, Chinook Salmon, Coho Salmon, Steelhead, Brown trout and Lake Trout
  • No more than 3 of these can be Lake Trout

Do you fish when it is rough water

  • Yes we do fish in rough water. However it can be unpleasant when the waves get over 3.0 ft.
  • We can fish in higher waves if needed but for the most part we don’t like to take customers out in higher waves
  • We are always keeping an eye on the weather and wind forecast. We will usually reach out if we are concerned before the trip. However feel free to reach out to us if you are curious

Do you clean the fish

  • Yes we clean and bag the fish.
  • You will need to provide a cooler and ice

Can we smoke on the trip

  • Yes you can smoke on the trip
  • Be respectful of the equipment
  • Don’t throw your cigarette butts in Lake Michigan

How many guests can come

  • 6 total
  • Including children and people that are not fishing
  • Absolutely no more than 6 people total it is the Law no exceptions

Do we need to bring any equipment or Bait

  • No you do not need any fishing equipment or bait
  • We provide all life jackets or safety equipment (if needed)
  • We provide all the fish you provide the smiles
  • You will need to bring a cooler

Do I need a fishing license?

Can I keep what we catch

  • Yes if you fish Lake Michigan you can keep what you catch
  • You can also donate some or all of your catch to a needy family if you wanted to. We can help with that.

Can I use drugs like Marijuana while on trip

  • No drugs of any kind are allowed on trip
  • This is Federal Law not Michigan Law
  • Please don’t make this mistake, we don’t want to have to stop the trip early

Can I bring a Gun on trip

  • No it is illegal to bring a gun on trip
  • This is Federal Law not Michigan law
  • Please don’t make this mistake, we don’t want to have to stop the trip early
  • Think of an airplane flight. If you can’t bring it in the plane you can’t bring it on the boat. Same general rules

Why are laws different on the lake than in Michigan

  • It is Federal Law on Lake Michigan
  • Along with Michigan Law but Federal Law super cedes Michigan Law