On the Sheephead Lake Macatawa fishing trip We use a technique called trolling to fish on Lake Macatawa. We are constantly moving at a speed of 2-3 miles an hour. We are looking for temperature breaks, bait and depths to determine where to fish. Our normal spread will consist of 6-9 rods in the water at a time. All of them will be suspended throughout the water column. We will use different baits to start to see what the fish are biting and then adjust the baits until the fish are biting most of the lines. Normally we are going to be running 2-4 copper or lead core fishing lines, 2 dipsy diver rods and 2 downrigger rods. Sheephead fishing can be very fast and furious at times. It is not uncommon to catch 10-15 fish an hour. These Sheephead are a sport fish and usually are not kept for consumption. However if we do catch something you want to keep you are entitled to keep it.

The baits we use for Sheephead fishing are small trolling spoons and some small body baits that we troll behind the boat.