Lake Michigan fishing trip

Holland, Michigan fishing Charters

Holland, Michigan is located on the west coast of the state, right on the shore of Lake Michigan. It’s one of the most popular spots for charter fishing on Lake Michigan and the perfect spot to enjoy a day of fishing with family and friends. The waters off Holland are prime areas for fishing salmon, steelhead, and trout. The lake has an abundance of these species, and the fishing is dependent on the temperature of the water. During the summer, the water is warm and perfect for catching these species. From spring to fall, the waters around Holland are teeming with these species, so fishing for them is guaranteed to be a success. Holland is also a great spot for trolling. Whether you’re looking for a peaceful day out fishing on the lake or an adrenaline-filled day of trolling, one of these five spots would be perfect for a great charter fishing experience.

More About Trolling

We use a technique called trolling to fish on Lake Michigan. Trolling involves dragging lures and bait behind your boat to entice the fish. This type of fishing is especially effective when fishing large areas of open water. Holland has some of the best trolling waters in the area, and there are plenty of charter captains and boats to choose from in the area. We are constantly moving at a speed of 2-3 miles an hour. We are looking for temperature breaks, bait and depths to determine where to fish. Our normal spread will consist of 13 rods in the water at a time. All of them will be suspended throughout the water column. We will use different baits based on what we are trying to target and what fish are currently biting at the time of the trip. Normally, we are going to be running 6 copper or lead core fishing lines, 4 dipsy diver rods and 3 downrigger rods.

The baits we use are species dependent. At different times of the years we will run different types of baits. In general we are going to use Plugs, Spin N Glows, board attractors, Flies, spoons and Meat rigs.

When the trip is complete and we return to the dock. We will fillet and bag your catch and put them in the cooler on ice, you are responsible for bringing both the ice and the cooler (reference “things to bring on trip” page). Fish fillets can stay on ice in a cooler for days if needed. It is important to get the fish on ice quickly once the fish are filleted.