Lake Michigan fishing trip. We use a technique called trolling to fish on Lake Michigan. We are constantly moving at a speed of 2-3 miles an hour. We are looking for temperature breaks, bait and depths to determine where to fish. Our normal spread will consist of 13 rods in the water at a time. All of them will be suspended throughout the water column. We will use different baits based on what we are trying to target and what fish are currently biting at the time of the trip. Normally we are going to be running 6 copper or lead core fishing lines, 4 dipsy diver rods and 3 downrigger rods.

The baits we use are species dependent. At different times of the years we will run different types of baits. In general we are going to use Plugs, Spin N Glows, board attractors, Flies, spoons and Meat rigs.

When the trip is complete and we return to the dock. We will fillet and bag your catch and put them in the cooler on ice, you are responsible for bringing both the ice and the cooler (reference “things to bring on trip” page). Fish fillets can stay on ice in a cooler for days if needed. It is important to get the fish on ice quickly once the fish are filleted.