7/7/2023 Fishing With Veterans

I have been starting in 90 fow and sliding out. Last few trips the bite has been on immediately to start the trip. The early bite has been the best bite. I have been fishing in 90-110 fow until the bite runs out and then I have been sliding out to 140-160 fow. It has been more productive for me to do slight in and slight out trolls. Fishing on the north troll has been better than fishing on the south troll for me. But I know others have been fishing on south trolls and having good catches so I do not believe you have to only fish north

High divers at 160-185 with meat have been firing early. Low divers at 100-125 have fired a little longer in the day than what the high divers seemed to go. I have been running meat rigs on the divers.

Copper bites have been on 200 cu with a spoon, 250 cu paddle fly, 300 cu paddle fly, 400 cu spinny fly and 450 cu with a weenie meat rig.

Corners have been down for trout. Admittedly I have not been having as good of luck with the trout as other have. I could tell you more about what not to do than to do. I have been getting 2-3 trout a trip off the corners with spin n glows. Chute has been in the way more than it has been a help in catching fish.

Sog I have been running slower than normal and that has been helping with the salmon bites. 2.4-2.6 sog. However keep in mind I am running alewife meat and if you are running herring meat then you will probably have to run a bit fast to get your rigs to rotate properly. But we have been getting more fly bites than meat bites.

Hopefully this helps everyone tomorrow. Keep in mind if you are going to fish by another boat do not setup directly to their outside or inside. If you setup to the direct outside of another boat you limit both boats movements. They might not be able to move out because you are there or you might not be able to move out depending on who is outside. It is better to setup infront or behind them. Please make sure you are going to setup infront of me you plan to run faster than me. If you plan on setting up in front of say Deep V, Reel Talk, Unsalted, Black Pearl or possibly the Outdoorsman well then you just got as slow as you like. Lololol

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