Today was a contrast of fishing. Started in shallow at the pier heads and ended in 150 after a return troll from out deep

Shallow was good to start. Tough to keep the fish on the line. Focused on the 35-50 fow getting bites on the 3, 5, 7 colors and 150 cu and low diver. It ended up getting busy so I wanted to leave

We fished from 50 fow to 200 fow picking fish every few minutes. Spoons and meat both took fish. Lots of a action. Again it was hard to keep the spring salmon on the lines.

Hard to say what was the best presentation out deep as most every line took fish. The low diver at 125 with a spoon took probably the most hits. Then the 5 color with a spoon thenHigh diver with meat

Today was a grind but a successful grind. Picking fish every few minutes once we left the skinny water.

If the weather is good and you have the time you should probably get out and catch some fish.

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