Fish continue to be scattered. For us there was a decent amount of time between bites, then a couple bites within 5-10 minutes then a long delay. We trolled east west, north then south. Slight out slight in. Lol every direction you can troll I tried it today.

Today was a completely different sky compared to yesterday. Not many of the same baits worked today that did yesterday.

Orange chilly Willy and moonshine wonder bread were best baits. Had 1 meat bite on a high diver and one fly bite on a low diver. Also had one rigger bite with a spoon. Rest of the bites were on the coppers and lead.

Finished the day 7-13. We trolled from 50 to 210 fow. Trolled east west north south, changed troll directions by 5 degree increments. Nothing really seemed to make the difference we were looking for. We ran 3,5,7 leads 100,140,175,200,250 coppers. The graph was mainly empty today. We did our best to make the trip what the customers deserved.

Not every tip is going to be a great trip. The key is to put the effort into trying to make every trip a great trip.

Thanks for visiting! Good luck out there.

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