Fish are scattered. We fished from 60 fow to 220 fow picking fish throughout the troll. Hard to say what depth of water was the best. Seemed that east west trolls out 180-220 were a little better than the shallow water but we were also out there later in the trip.

7 color went 3 times. Chute with paddle and fly went 3 times. Both high divers went a couple of times with meat rigs.

Other than that it was a bite here a bite there. Slow pick of fish all trip.

Best spoons were Wonder Bread, Helmet, Green Knight, we tried so many spoons today to get them to fire.

Moo moo and spotted Dick big wienie rig meat rigs Both went a couple times. Plus a black Knight paddle fly combo was good on the chute towards the bottom of the lake.

Hope this helps! Feel feee to comment if this information does help. Good luck fishing

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