First trip of the season is in the books.

30-50 fow straight out of holland. Trolled north to start. The north troll was the best troll of the day. We finished the day 7-12. All standard size spoons bites for this trip. We ran spiny flies, paddle flies and Mag size spoons to keep them honest but none of them took

Sliders on the riggers down 15-25 die the most work. While also taking bites on 2, 3, 5 and 7 colors. While also taking bites in 50 and 140 coppers

Popular spoons were Pooh bear, fire frog, bloody nose, pink pantries and orange pepper.

Check in for more updates. Fishing is starting pretty good. Best to get out there and enjoy it while it is good

Contact me to book a trip. 616-218-6264

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