7/7/22 We fished from 120-145 fow holland to Saugatuck with the best water being south. Finished 8-15 for the trip.

Corner riggers were the best for trout with spin and glows. 1 low diver bite for trout is the only additional trout bite we were able to get. With silver bites coming off the 175 and 225 coppers with standard spoons.

7/8/2022 We fished the same waters as 7/7/22 but the fishing was better north by holland. Had a hard time getting the fish in the boat. At one point we were 2-10 but finished strong at 6-17.

Corners again were good for trout. Also a high diver towards bottom with a pro troll and green fly worked up a trout.

Silver bites came off the 100, 125, 175 coppers. Standard size spoons. No silver fly bites today.

Hope you enjoy your weekend. Hope this information helps.

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