5/21/22 fishing North of Portsheldon

Good morning of fishing 18-28 returned 1 small shaker king

We set at the beginning of the flats in 110 fow and fished to the end of the flats in 180 fow turned south and fished to south of the Portsheldon channel staying in the 150-190 fow on the south troll

5 color with Santa’s helper went 3-4 times

200 cu went 2 times with Blue Chilly

175 cu went 2x with blue veggie

125 cu went 2x with mix veggie

Chute at 120 with black jeans and green fly

Number of other bites with 100, 125, 150 and 225 copper.

We did trout fish with spin an glows on the corners that took fish with spin n glows.

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